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How to Apply Online


Before you begin your application, you must have:

  • Employer information:
    • Employer Name
    • Address
    • Employer Representative Name (this should be the hiring manager)
    • Employer Representative e-mail address
    • Employer Representative phone number
  • Proof of residency documentation. Please include all pages of the residency documents. If the application is incomplete or ineligible the applicant will receive notification via email:
    • Copy of your Vermont Driver’s License or Vermont Real ID
    • Copy of your paycheck
    • Plus, two pieces of documentation from the list below that is in your name and includes your physical Vermont address. Street name and town must be listed.
      • Housing lease or contract that is signed and executed
      • Household utility bill with service address listed
      • Property tax bill for primary Vermont residence
      • Homeowner/renter insurance
  • Documentation in support of each qualifying New Worker Relocation Grant Program eligible expenses:
    • Invoice and
    • Proof of payment

(Documentation should be individual files to be uploaded during the completion of the application)



Applications must be completed online with each supporting document uploaded.  The application has two sections.  The first section of the application is the employee section to be completed online by the applicant.  Once the applicant has completed the employee section of the application, the application will be routed to the employer via e-mail. 



The employer receives a unique link to the application and guidance on the program and the how to complete the employer section.  The employer completes the second section of the application with, the employer section.



The application is then submitted using the online application system for review. A completed application must include:

  • Completed employee section
  • Completed employer section
  • Proof of residency documentation
  • Documentation in support of each eligible expense


Upon submission, applicants will receive a unique ID they can use to check the status of their application.  Once the application has been reviewed, if the application is approved the applicant will be issued a short survey and be asked to complete Forms W-9 and VT8821.  If the application is not approved the applicant will receive notification via email.